Going to talk about makeup today and the science behind makeup why do women’s love the makeup kit as the gift from her man.

Everyone wants to look beautiful and pleasant in public but when it comes about women the level is increased drastically, Weather she is your wife or girlfriend, First, she is a woman, and women’s loves to wear makeup.

A makeup kit is not just a gift, a present that she can utilize each day and any day that she needs to look awesome, some of the time the best and practical endowments in life are the ones you can utilize regularly.

Regardless of whether the gift is a tiny expensive, she can even now get incredible utilization of it for quite a long time and months to come.

Whenever she apply that makeup, she will surely remember you and blush and this will strengthen your relationship for sure.

A makeup gift is not like a chocolate or candlelight dinner surprise which is expensive yet easy to forget but an awesome gift which will boost your wife or girlfriend confident in public and make her remind of you with love.

If we talk about history or science behind them so much affection go women’s toward the makeup then we have to write a book but let’s make it short instead.

The first “makeup” originated in Mesopotamia thousands of years ago.

Ancient civilizations used Kohl eyeliner, crush, scrub beetles, fresh berries and other objects to help change their appearance.

And that is really the first indications of the makeup we know of today.

Now the fruit of the question is why we even did this in the beginning, why do we start painting our bodies and do we start putting stuff on our faces.

Well, I’m about to tell you what’s the funny thing, we can actually see the reasoning behind makeup in the animal kingdom.

If you’ve ever watched the animal planet or any major documentary for any length of time, you know that eventually, you hear about some crazy mating ritual or how different the female looks and all these other crazy things that animals do to attract the partner.

And till from that time, these things continue to conquer and that’s why it could have possibly become the giant industry and 40 million dollars is spent on makeup every single year.

So why am telling you all these kinds of stuff?

So that you knew the how much your girlfriend or wife love this when you gift her a makeup kit with love and you both filled up with romance.

So whenever you want to impress your lady just bought a makeup kit and gift her, she would love it.

Your wife or your girlfriend always want to look beautiful to you and when you yourself gift her the Makeup if she just loves it.

So, on her next birthday or any occasion don’t be confused in what to gift my wife or girlfriend just go to a makeup store and buy a makeup kit and gift her, she will give you a hug full of romance for sure.