Blossoms, blooms or flowers, call them what you want but what we all know that they make a great gift for your girlfriend/boyfriend or anybody special in your life.

They are an ideal present or gift for almost any occasion, be it a graduation ceremony, birthday celebration, thanksgiving or romantic occasions.

The following are some of the reasons why flowers a considered to be a great gift.

Flowers have been considered to be a good present even before most of us were born, it is a tradition and culture that most human beings just adopted and lovers or special people in one’s life have come to have a feeling of entitlement to receiving flowers as an expression love from their special someone.

Flowers are not the most practical amongst all the gifts you can think of giving to your loved one but they sure stand out from the rest in a way, they show the beauty of nature, they last for weeks if properly taken care of, they have a natural pleasing fragrance and they are living organism.

These facts are what make flowers a very unique gift you can give to your loved one on any occasion, unique is good!

A birthday card, valentines day card or a congratulations card will have all the words you want to tell your loved one in writing but flowers have their own language in which they can communicate or send a message which is a very romantic and flattering way of getting a point across.

For example, a bouquet of red roses says “I love you” my lover or special someone and is usually used on special occasions like valentines day and a bouquet of yellow roses says “congratulations”, “my apologies” or “my condolences” my friend or colleague.

Beautiful flowers have a way of triggering one’s emotions in an uplifting or flattering way because of their beauty and the thought of being acknowledged by the person giving you the gift.

They even affect the environment in which they are put, being around flowers brings a feeling of warmth, safety and innocence.

Which is another reason why they make a very great gift because they can be placed anywhere from a window sill in an office to a kitchen counter and bring a positive vibe to the room?

Because of this, some people have even gone as far as getting artificial or man made flowers to place them in their homes or offices and expect them to have the same effect real flowers have but imitating nature is quite difficult.

These artificial flowers usually have a rough feel to them and a more uneasy fragrance compared to real flowers.

People are getting more sensitive as time goes by so it isn’t hard to offend someone, even with the purest of intentions, people can take offense.

Because of the low practicality of flowers, they are a good present to give to people that easily take offense and people you do not know very well to avoid giving them a present that might bring back bad memories or that he/she doesn’t like but come on who does not like flowers!