We have loved it from the very first moment the chocolate touched our lips and melted in our mouth.

From the time we were kids until we became adults, the chocolate has been our sweet companion during times of happiness and sadness.

We have enjoyed it in so many forms, from chocolate milkshakes to chocolate bars, and we never seem to get tired of it.

Chocolate, the best flavor of ice cream, the most flavorful candy, the most popular delicacy around the world, chocolate is okay when enjoyed alone, but if you have someone that you really like and would want to show him/her your affection, just go to your nearest convenience store and buy him/her some chocolates.

But where did this sweet and tasty treat came from? Well, let’s take a look back where it all began.

Surprisingly enough, cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate was first discovered by the Mayans.

Chocolates back then were not in solid bar forms as we have today but were liquid and were mixed with water and chili peppers.

That concoction would have been one spicy chocolate drink.

The Mayans drank this tasty liquid during special occasions like in marriage ceremonies and in special religious events.

The Mayans treasured and cherished this yummy drink that they called it the “food of the gods” and everyone from the lowest to the highest of their hierarchy could enjoy it.

The Aztecs, on the other hand, had some very different beliefs when it comes to their beloved chocolate.

Only the rich people and people with power could enjoy them.

Too bad for those people who picked the cocoa beans from the cocoa trees.

They would have never even tasted it.

According to the Aztec history, their king, King Montezuma, consumed 50 cups of cocoa drink that is believed to give him extraordinary wisdom and strength as a sort of energy drink in just one day.

When he is on heat (If you know what I mean), he would then drink an extra cup that would thought to stimulate him and give him extra libido.

It is here that many people believe even today that the chocolate is a great aphrodisiac.

Flowers and teddy bears aren’t always enough to show your love to a person.

You should always have chocolates in hand so that your significant other to make it sweet and thoughtful.

During Valentine’s day, a whopping 94% of US citizens spend their money on chocolates to give to their significant other on the assumption that it would help them fuel up their romance and spice things up in the bedroom.

It is always the same in other countries.

The boys are the ones who give girls some chocolates.

But, in another side of the world, Japan, it is the girls who give the boys some chocolates as gifts on Valentine’s day.

So, if you’re a girl and you want to show affection to a boy but too afraid to show it, here’s your chance.

Tell him that it is a custom in Japan to give the boys some chocolates on Valentine’s day.

But why wait?

A chocolate bar or a box of chocolates will always be a perfect gift for him or her that could never go wrong.